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Room 225

Room 225 is a large multipurpose room on the second floor of the Brower Student Center right along the Blue & Gold Hall of Fame. With 4668 square feet, the space can be one large room or divided into two separate rooms (225 East and 225 West) to accommodate a variety of programs. 225 East has 2338 square feet when divided, while 225 West has a comparable 2330 square feet. This room utilizes our event furniture inventory, including stationary blue event chairs, 5ft diameter folding round tables, 6ft folding rectangular tables, cocktail tables, and staging. This allows the space to utilize not only standard setups but a variety of custom set-ups.

The room is equipped with standard audiovisual equipment, including HDMI-connected projection and four wireless microphones (2 for 225 East and 2 for 225 West). This space has pre-programmed recessed lighting to control the ambiance of the space. There are two dry-erase boards in the front of the room on either side of the movable partition, with markers available at the Information Desk.

The walls of the space are brick with sound-absorbing wall fabric, making this an ideal location for receptions, musical performances, speakers, and even large meetings.

Standard Set-Up Information

Maximum capacities include the head/presenter’s table and chairs, if applicable. Capacity is reduced if additional furniture or equipment is needed (i.e., catering tables).

Style 225 (All) Maximum Capacity 225 East Maximum Capacity 225 West Maximum Capacity
Lecture 266 152 152
Rounds (Banquet) 200 112 112
U-Shape 32 32
Hollow Square 44 44
Classroom Style 60 60 60
Conference Table 24 24

Lecture Style

Lecture style seating arrangement.
BSC 225 All Lecture Maximum (266)

BSC 225 All Lecture Max Angled (266)

L: BSC 225E/W Lecture Maximum (152)
R: BSC 225E/W Lecture with Aisle (144)

Rounds (Banquet Style)

Banquet style seating arrangement.
BSC 225 All Rounds

BSC 225 All Rounds with Catering

L: BSC 225E/W Rounds Maximum (112)
R: BSC 225E/W Rounds with Catering (96)



U-Shape style seating arrangement.
BSC 225 East/West U-Shape (East pictured)


Hollow Square

Square shape style seating arrangement.
BSC 225 East/West U-Shape (West pictured)

Classroom Style

Classroom style seating arrangement with chairs and desks in a row.
BSC 225 All Classroom Style

BSC 225 East/West Classroom Style (East pictured)


Conference Style

One large conference table seating arrangement.
BSC 225 East/West Conference Style (West pictured)