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Planning Forms / Requirements

All Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) contribute to TCNJ’s dynamic campus culture. To ensure your organization’s success, please look through the resources and information provided below.


Is your organization looking to bring a speaker or performer to campus? We have compiled the following resources for Student Organizations to utilize to navigate the contracting process.  

  • Please review this RSO Negotiating Contracts: Best Practices 
  • It is recommended that Organizations use this Student-Organization-Contract (for use if no vendor contract exists)
  • If the vendor has a contract this Student Organization Addendum (for use in addition to a vendor contract) can be added.  
  • If you are seeking funding from the Student Finance Board for your event, please make sure to keep their guidelines in mind through the process.
  • If you have any questions and need assistance navigating the contracting process, please reach out to

Risk Reduction and Insurance Requirements for Events

Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) hosting events/activities on or off campus that have an elevated risk of injury due to physical activity that is outside their stated mission should utilize the RSO Physical Activity Guidelines. The Student Finance Board maintains an umbrella general liability policy that covers all student organizations and the basic operations/function of their group. If you are hosting an event that includes elements of risk (i.e. travel, food, inflatables, athletic activities, etc) it is recommended that you work with your vendors to have your organization and the college listed as additionally insured on their policy. You should maintain a copy of their certificate of insurance (COI) on file.

If the vendor you are working with does not have liability insurance, they can purchase a policy here: Information on special event insurance for outside vendors.

Below are some additional resources on lower risk at your event:

  • Waivers:
    Please refer to the physical activity guidelines when planning events/activities on or off campus that may have an inherit risk.  These include but are not limited to: Inflatables, rides, walks/runs, flag football tournaments etc.  All participants should complete a waiver before engaging in the activity.
  • Campus Police may be needed for certain events.  Your event coordinator will work with you through the booking process and based on your event needs will coordinate campus police.
  • Colored Powder Activities
  • TCNJ Fire Safety Permits and Approvals for Event Planning (click on Fire Safety Permits and Approvals Event Planning)
    Please reach out to the Office of Student Life ( if you have any questions about fire safety.

    • Candle Waiver: All student organizations looking to have candles, sterno for catering must complete a Candle Waiver which can be found on the Fire Safety Website.
    • BBQ’s and Grilling: Recognized Student Organizations may work with the College to have events where grilling is permitted.  Please go to the Fire Safety website and click on Fire Safety Permits and Approvals (Event Planning)” dropdown for further instruction.
    • RSO Helium and Propane Tanks: Helium and Propane tanks may not be stored or disposed of on campus.  For more information go to the Fire Safety website and click on Fire Safety Permits and Approvals (Event Planning)” dropdown.
    • Tents: Tents/Canopies are required to have a Type 1 Fire Safety Permit when they are greater than 900 square feet or more than 30 feet in any dimension whether it is one unit or composed of multiple units.  If an RSO is looking to bring a tent on campus that is larger than this size, they should reach out to the Office of Student Life ( at least 6 weeks in advance of the event to discuss the process.  
  • Minor Wavier: For events with attendees under 18
  • Inflatables: Take Appropriate Safety Precautions! When renting an inflatable, work only with experienced, reputable operators who have the correct state licenses, and carry the appropriate level of insurance. New Jersey has laws that specifically regulate the private rental of inflatable games. Ask about the operator’s safety record, and if desired, request—and check—references. The Office of Student Life can assist you with identifying companies with whom the college has a current working relationship.  Some inflatables are designed for children, and others are designed for adults. Based on who will be attending the event, be sure that you are ordering the appropriate type of game. In addition, some games are more dangerous than others. For example, more injuries seem to occur on tall slides with steep inclines and on water games. Consider using a waiver form for all participants, that protects both your organization, and the college.The Office of Student Life is available to advise and discuss rental contracts, especially if it contains risk-shifting clauses, such as indemnification, hold harmless agreements, and waivers. Your organization should also consult with SFB to determine if the Student Organization Insurance Policy will cover the risks associated with having an inflatable on campus.  It is advisable to hire event attendants/operators in addition to the attractions themselves, to ensure that proper safety measures and use of equipment are being followed. Student Organizations can also request TCNJ EMS be on-site during events, to ensure that any injuries are immediately and properly treated.  In order to have an inflatable on campus, Student Organizations must work request their event in BookIt, and work with the BSC Student Events team to coordinate logistics with campus service providers.All rental companies will be required to provide the following:

    All policies and certificates of insurance, except workers’ compensation, shall be endorsed to name TCNJ as an additional insured and provide for the insurer’s waiver of subrogation in favor of TCNJ.

    1. Commercial General Liability Insurance covering bodily injury, death or property damage with minimum combined single limits of $2,000,000.00 per occurrence and in the aggregate. This policy shall be endorsed to name the TCNJ as an additional insured and include broad form contractual liability, products liability and completed operations coverage.
    2. Worker’s Compensation and Employer’s Liability Insurance which provides statutory coverage in accordance with the Worker’s Compensation Laws of the State of New Jersey and Employer’s Liability coverage with limits of not less than:
      a. $1,000,000 each employee for Bodily Injury by Accident
      b. $1,000,000 each employee for Bodily Injury by Disease
      c. $1,000,000 Bodily Injury by Disease policy limit
    3. Business Automobile Liability insurance covering all owned, non-owned and hired vehicles with a combined single limit of $1,000,000 each accident and in the aggregate.For more information on planning a safe and fun event we encourage organizations to read through this Campus Programming Magazine Article: Beyond the Checklist: Lessons in Planning with an Eye on Risk Management