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Term Assignments – Brower Student Center

Brower Student Center Term Assignment Guidelines

The Brower Student Center (BSC) serves a critical role in supporting a vibrant and engaging student experience by providing the TCNJ community a venue in which to hold both regularly occurring meetings or activities (term assignments) and individual programs or activities. The guidelines below have been designed with the goal of maximizing student use of the BSC and balancing these, at times, competing needs. Student organizations are encouraged to contact the BSC Manager with any questions or concerns related to these guidelines.

Section I: Term Assignments

Term Assignments are defined as meetings and/or activities that occur on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly, etc) throughout an academic term.  All organizations that would like to reserve space in the BSC for a term assignment must complete and return a Term Assignment Request Form according to the following schedule:

Term Assignments will begin the second week of each term and are not scheduled during exam/reading dates; however organizations may schedule meetings during these periods by submitting a reservation request via the R25 scheduling system found at

Requests for space for term assignments will be reviewed by the Brower Student Center (BSC) Manager.  Every effort will be made to honor an organization’s first choice; however, when there are conflicting requests the BSC Manager will make assignment decisions based on room availability and the specific requirements of the organization. Examples of such requirements include room capacity, set-up, equipment and the type of meeting or activity.  In order to facilitate this process, organizations are encouraged to list several choices of times and locations on the Term Assignment Request Form.

Confirmation of the assigned Term Assignment location, date and time will be emailed to the individual whose name is provided on the Term Assignment Request Form no later than the first date of the semester for which the Term Assignment has been requested.  In certain instances, an assigned Term Assignment space may not be available to the student organization on a given date due to a prior scheduled event.  Every effort will be made to hold these unavailable dates to a minimum. Student organizations will be informed of these exceptions to their term assignments in the confirmation communication and the BSC Manager will work with student organizations to make alternative arrangements for those dates.

In order to provide the greatest number of organizations with the opportunity to utilize a space for a regular meeting or activity, a Term Assignment will be limited to a maximum of two (2) hours and groups may be assigned only one (1) Term Assignment per semester. Additional requests may be submitted through the Special Request process detailed below.

Section II: Term Assignment Availability Schedule

In order to maintain the availability of the BSC for programming and other events, Term Assignments are limited to the following days, times and BSC locations:

Day Time Rooms
Sunday 5pm – 11pm 202E,  202W, 201A, 205, 206, 209, 210, 211, 212
Monday 6pm – 10pm 202E,  202W, 201A, 205, 206, 209, 210, 211, 212
Tuesday 6pm-10pm 201A, 205, 209
Wednesday 1pm-5pm 202E,  202W, 201A, 205, 206, 209, 210, 211, 212
Thursday 6pm-10pm 201A, 206, 212

Special Requests

Organizations that wish to request a regular assignment in the BSC for days, times, and/or locations other than those noted above in the Term Assignment Availability Schedule or in addition to the allowed single request may submit such a request, via email, to the BSC Manager at This request should outline, in specific terms, the organization’s needs, including an explanation for why the group cannot hold their meeting or activity on those days, times and locations made available for term assignments.  It may be helpful for the student organization to schedule a meeting with the BSC Manager after the special request has been submitted to discuss alternatives available to the organization.  It is our recommendation that a student group seeking a special request also submit a Term Assignment Request Form that conforms to the normally scheduled days, times, and locations for Term Assignments, in addition to this email, in order to ensure that a space is available in case a special request cannot be granted.

Section III: Term Assignments in Academic Buildings and Residence Halls

Term Assignment spaces in academic buildings are limited to Wednesday afternoons and weekends, when classes are not in session. However, spaces in academic buildings on other dates may become available as of the 3rd week of each semester, or when class schedules and locations have been finalized.  Groups who wish to request space in an academic building (other than on Wednesday afternoons or weekends) should contact the BSC Manager by the second week of the semester.

The Department of Residential Education and Housing determines the availability of residence hall lounges and schedules these locations. Availability may change each semester. All student organizations utilizing residence hall facilities are subject to departmental policies and procedures, which can be found at  Please contact the BSC Manager directly to ask about reserving these spaces.

Section IV: Policies and Protocols

Student organizations are expected to adhere to all pertinent TCNJ policies and procedures, including those specific to the assigned venue at  As violations of these policies and/or failure to follow procedures as directed may result in the loss of scheduling privileges for the organization, the organization is strongly encouraged to review this information and contact the BSC Manager at x2246 for clarification should concerns or questions arise.

Student organizations should, in particular, be aware of the following:

  • The Brower Student Center reserves the right to make changes to time and location of all events scheduled within its space.  Every effort will be made to avoid such changes and a minimum of 24-hours notice will be provided to the affected student organization. The BSC staff will work with the affected organization to identify an alternate location for its Term Assignment meeting or activity.
  • In order to best meet the needs of the student organization, it is requested that all special requests related to set-up of the space be discussed in advance with the BSC Manager.  Please note that, should insufficient notice be provided, it may not be possible to fulfill these requests, although every effort will be made to do so. Rooms should be left in the same condition found upon arrival and any special cleaning or repairs found necessary by the College will be charged to the hosting student organization. In such cases, the student organization will be informed by the BSC Manager prior to the application of a charge.
  • Student organizations must provide a minimum of 24-hours notice to the BSC Manager if a term assignment meeting or activity is cancelled.  Please note that failure to do so may result in termination of a term assignment for the remainder of the semester or a temporary loss of future scheduling privileges for that organization.
  • Any food or beverages provided at the meeting or activity must be ordered from Sodexo Dining Services. Exceptions to this may be requested by submitting a Food Waiver Form, which can be found by visiting the Dean of Students Office (BSC 230).
  • The burning of candles is not permitted in any room on campus, including the BSC, without the prior written permission of the Campus Safety Officer and the supervision of campus personnel.  A Candle Waiver Form may be obtained in the Dean of Students Office (BSC230).  Please note that, due to the serious safety implications of violation of this policy, a student organization found responsible for burning candles without an approved candle waiver may face the loss of scheduling privileges for a period of no fewer than three (3) months