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Posting Process/This Week @ TCNJ Submissions

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The TCNJ Posting Policy outlines criteria and processes for posting materials in designated locations. It also covers submissions to the weekly ThisWeek@TCNJ Instagram account and student-wide email that goes out every Monday during the semester.


  1. Any individually assigned or department/school controlled spaces are relegated to the appropriate person or department in control of that space (ex. a department bulletin board, an office door, etc.).
  2. All other postings requests must be submitted to the Office of Student Life and abide by this policy.
  3. Designated Campus Bulletin Boards are identified with a Roscoe Approved Bulletin Board Marker.
  4. A Third Party is any individual, group, or entity that is not a TCNJ Recognized Student Organization, a Campus Department, or entity contracted by or working directly with a Recognized Student Organization or Campus Department.

Approval of Content

The Office of Student Life will approve content that does not:

  1. Advertise or promote discounted alcohol sales or happy hours,
  2. Endanger the health or safety of an individual or group,
  3. Utilize sexually explicit or obscene material,
  4. Violate the New Jersey Criminal Statute on Harassment, which states communications may not be in “offensively coarse language, or any other manner likely to cause annoyance or alarm,” or
  5. Promote activity or content that would be a violation of the TCNJ Student Conduct Code, Title IX Policy, Student Organization Privileges and Responsibilities (all of these can be found at, or other College Policies.


  1. All materials must include the full name of the sponsor(s) written in English. Abbreviations of sponsor names are not acceptable.
  2. Materials to be posted must adhere to the College’s policy against Personal Abuse as cited in The College of New Jersey Student Conduct Code.

Approval Process

  1. Materials will be reviewed during office hours, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. All requests must be submitted online through the Posting Request Form or in person at the Office of Student Life, Brower Student Center Room 209.
  2. Once materials are reviewed, the point of contact will receive an email with confirmation of its approval and instructions on what next steps to take or notification that the posting was not approved and what next steps can be taken.
  3. Flyers intended for residential buildings will be distributed to the Department of Residential Education and Housing by the Office of Student Life to be hung on Designated Campus Bulletin Boards inside the residence halls. (Not available for Third Party Postings) 
  4. The Office of Student Life will discard all expired and any unapproved postings on Designated Campus Bulletin Boards.
  5. Postings that are featured in This Week @ TCNJ will be included in the student-wide email the week the event is taking place (unless otherwise noted). (Not available for Third Party Postings) 
  6. Standard Posting Locations (available for quick selection on Posting Request Form) include:
    1. Approved Campus Bulletin Boards with a Roscoe Approved Bulletin Board Marker
    2. Designated TCNJ Residence Hall Bulletin Boards (Not available for Third Party Postings) 
    3. BSC Digital Signage (Not available for Third Party Postings) 
    4. This Week @ TCNJ (Not available for Third Party Postings) 
    5. Sidewalk Chalking (Not available for Third Party Postings) 
    6. Lawn Signs
    7. Stickers
  7. Any other forms of Campus advertising must be submitted to the Office of Student Life for Approval

Violations of Posting Policy

  1. The Office of Student Life will work with Campus partners to pursue and resolve postings that are in violation of this policy and process.
  2. More information on Violations and potential Sanctions can be found in the TCNJ Posting Policy