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Mascot Roscoe

Our beloved Mascot, Roscoe, is now available for appearances at your events! Please review the information and process below before submitting your request. We look forward to supporting your event!

Roscoe Reservations:

  1. Reservations for appearances can be made two weeks prior to the start of the upcoming academic semester and are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Roscoe has a busy schedule, so we can only book one semester at a time.
  3. All requests take 72 hours to process. Please allow this full amount of time to pass before following up. If your event is less than 72 hours away, we may not be able to process your request in time. Sorry. Roscoe always needs to check his calendar to ensure he’s available before he commits to something.
  4. Roscoe availability is subject to #TeamRoscoe availability. Roscoe can not be borrowed or “just used” by anyone outside #TeamRoscoe; he’s a loyal kind of guy.
  5. Reservations can be made for one-hour or two-hour appearances. (Please see Appearance Requirements below for details on both options).
  6. One-hour appearances are available at a rate of $55. Two-hour appearances are available at a rate of $90. We all trust Roscoe and he trusts you too. Billing will occur after your event because we know you’re busy planning everything else.
  7. All Reservations must identify what activities Roscoe is being requested to engage in. Roscoe is always prepared to Meet & Greet and take Pictures. Any other activity should be detailed in the request to determine feasibility.
  8. Roscoe likes to look like Roscoe. While he will consider all requests to wear custom t-shirts (XL), sweaters (XL), etc. Maintaining Roscoe’s persona is a priority to #TeamRoscoe. Please provide any available designs or artwork at the time of request. We’ll do our best to accommodate if it aligns with Roscoe’s look and feel.
  9. All Roscoe appearances are restricted to TCNJ’s Campus, Campus Town, & The President’s House.

Appearance Requirements:

  1. The requesting organization and/or department must provide one on-site representative to serve as Roscoe’s “PAL.” (Personal Assistant to the Lion).  He is a Lion, after all.
  2. The PAL must arrange to meet Roscoe before the event and be available for the entirety of Roscoe’s appearance.
  3. The PAL will be provided a “PAL’s Bag” for Roscoe. It is important that the PAL have the bag nearby for the entirety of his appearance.
  4. When Roscoe isn’t out with the Pride, he hangs out in 209 Brower Student Center with the Office of Student Involvement. This office is on the 2nd floor of the BSC in the blue section.
  5. The PAL should meet Roscoe at 209 BSC prior to the start of his appearance to help Roscoe get across campus to his performance location. Should the event have a private area for Roscoe to prepare, arrangements can be made ahead of time for Roscoe to get ready there. (Please identify on the request form).
  6. One-hour appearances require a PAL and the PAL’s Bag. Due to several variables, a short break may need to be taken during Roscoe’s appearance to keep Roscoe safe & hydrated.
  7. Two-hour appearances require a PAL, the PAL’s Bag, and a private location for Roscoe to take a 5-10 minute break to keep Roscoe safe & hydrated.

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