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Fundraising Policy

Our goal is to make this simple, so here’s the big question: 

Will you be using The College of New Jersey’s name or space in your fundraising efforts? 

Please think through this… Does the item you’re selling say TCNJ? Does the advertised name of your student organization start with “TCNJ?”  Are you advertising that you are a student organization at The College of New Jersey? Does the Instagram account you are using to promote it have “TCNJ” in its name? Are you using imagery from TCNJ’s campus or hosting your fundraiser on-campus? You get the idea…If you are reading this, answering “NOPE!” to all of these questions, you do not have to follow this process. You can host your own fundraiser, under your own name, without any need to submit information or paperwork to the College. 

If you answered yes to any of these things, no worries, we made this interim process super simple

  1. Prepare the following information:
    1. Student Representative from your Recognized Student Organization (their name and email) 
    2. Name of your fundraiser
    3. Start and end date of the fundraising effort 
    4. Name of the organization you are raising funds for? (your student organization, a charitable organization, etc.)  
    5. Methods of money collection you will be using 
    6. Method to transfer funds to the organization you’re raising funds for
    7. A brief description of how you’re soliciting donations. As a reminder, raffles, 50/50, or any type of Game of Chance are illegal and strictly prohibited.
  2. Fill out this form (it’s going to ask you to share that information listed above)  
  3. You will need to maintain internal documents for each fundraiser for at least 1 year.
    1. If using Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle, please make sure any donor is entering the name of the fundraiser into the note/memo section.
    2. If using cash, please make sure the donor receives a paper written receipt for their donation.

Want to know more about the Fundraising Policy? Read it here: Fundraising Policy 2022-2023. If you have any problems anywhere in this process, email – we’re always happy to help!

It’s our true hope that this helps clarify our stance in supporting our student organizations to fundraise for their missions, programs, and values. If you are unclear about any of this, or if we left something out, let us know!