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Student Travel

The full student travel policy can be found on the TCNJ Policy Website

The following registration process applies to three types of travel:

Travel Type 1


Any Students Organization travel, events, programs, conferences, etc. that are:

1a. Funded in whole or part by the Student Finance Board (SFB)


1b. More than 20 miles away from TCNJ

Examples might include: CUB Bus trips, Programs or Events in Philly or NYC, Senior Nights, or Competitions in Newark

Travel Type 2

Any Student Organization travel, events, programs, conferences, etc. that are:

2a. NOT funded by SFB, but that are using SFB to coordinate buses for the event or program, etc.


2b. More than 20 miles away from TCNJ

Examples might include: Student Organization Formals or Student Organization Community Service Events

Travel Type 3

Any Student Affairs travel, events, programs, conferences, etc. that are:

3a. Funded (in whole or in part) or coordinated by a TCNJ Student Affairs Department


3b. More than 20 miles away from TCNJ

Examples might include: Student leadership conferences or site visits


Student Organizations must register the travel here.

Student Affairs Units must register travel here.

Once the event is received and approved, your trip will be added to the selection drop down options on the Student Travel Form and Non-Student Travel Form.

Attendees should be sure to select the correct trip from the drop down selection on the form.

It is the coordinating groups’ responsibility to ensure that each attendee has completed the travel approval form.  

Confirmation will be sent to the attendee’s email. We recommend having each attendee present it at the time of travel as verification.

All travel information will be shared with TCNJ Campus Police.

Please follow the process below for all travel:

Add the trip to Roar and print out QR Code prior to departure

-Select the option for Check-in & Check-out when adding the trip into Roar

Check all student IDs, ask to see their completed waiver form on their phone, and have them scan the QR code

-Highlight their names green on a paper or electronic form

-While on the bus, make a new document of who actually came on the bus, and identify any students who did not

Make an announcement on the bus to please let the trip leader know if anyone does not plan to return on the bus at the end of the trip

-If someone identifies they are not coming back on the bus, highlight their name yellow

At the end of the trip as people get back on the bus:

-Take attendance. Highlight names in green who are going back on the bus, and have them scan the Roar QR code as they get back on

-Call people who have not returned to the bus, who previously did not state they were not taking the bus back. If they do not answer, leave a message and confirm that CUB is responsible for their transportation.  Depending on the location of the trip give them a window of 10-15 minutes to return your call. Sending a text message is recommended to follow up.

-Highlight names in yellow of students who did not return on the bus

-As the bus leaves email the Google sheet with the list of Green (students who are the bus home) and Yellow who are taking their own transportation home to and

General Expectations

Students are expected to act as responsible citizens and respect the rights of others. Students are to follow all applicable laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which they are traveling, both domestically and internationally, as well as appropriate College policies at all times. Such policies include, but are not limited to, the Student Conduct Code, Statement of Expectations for Off Campus Behavior and Community Standards, Student Organization Privileges and Responsibilities, Title IX Policies, Alcohol and Other Drugs Policies and the statement on Student Rights and Freedoms. If an appropriate course of behavior is unclear at any time, Students are expected to contact the Appropriate Administrator or Designated Official for further guidance. In connection with an Event or Student Travel, Students are expected to follow certain standards of conduct, which include the following:

Travel Behavior. Students are expected to:
Consider the safety and security of all individuals at all times
Respect the property of individuals, institutions, facilities, and the College.

Maintain a focus on the academic, professional, social, or other purpose of the Student Travel as it contributes to the College’s mission.
Follow all applicable rules, regulations, and policies of facilities, institutions, and all other appropriate entities encountered during travel.
Conform to expected attendance at scheduled sessions, meetings, and activities related to the travel.
Interact professionally and responsibly with other participants during Student Travel and/or at an Event.
Adhere to any additional expectations for student conduct outlined by the Sponsoring Unit.

Lawful Conduct

Report all unsafe and unlawful activities to appropriate authorities. Appropriate authorities include:
Local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies;
Appropriate Administrators and Designated Officials associated with and responsible for the Student Travel;
Other faculty and staff participants in the Student Travel; and
Administrators and officials of other institutions hosting or otherwise participating in the same Event and/or Student Travel.
Do not enter into any agreements on behalf of the College unless specifically authorized to do so by an Appropriate Administrator or Designated Official.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

As members of the College community, Students are expected to act responsibly and in accordance with applicable College policies both on and off-campus. The College regards the abuse of alcohol and other drugs as antithetical to its mission and therefore permits the use of these substances only in a manner that is responsible and adheres to restrictions imposed by the law and the College’s conduct codes. Students are expected to comply with federal, state, and local laws regarding alcohol and other drugs during Student Travel. During international travel, Students are expected to abide by the legal consumption age in the legal jurisdiction, country or countries they are visiting. Students are expected to practice sound judgment in both their own actions and in evaluating the actions of other students. Subsequently, being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is not an excuse for violation of any College policy, procedure, guideline, or standard and does not reduce an individual’s accountability. Any Student who is not of legal drinking age in the country or countries they are in may not acquire, possess, or consume alcoholic beverages during Student Travel. Students must comply with applicable law regarding drugs and alcohol, including in connection with the operation or use of a motor vehicle. Funds provided by the College, the State of New Jersey, or any other public sponsor of Student Travel may not be used to purchase or acquire alcoholic beverages. Sponsoring Units may further restrict (including prohibiting) the consumption of alcohol and other drugs for specified travel and programs at its discretion. In addition, Designated Officials and Appropriate Administrators may restrict or prohibit Students from consuming alcohol and other drugs during travel should they deem such consumption as excessive, inappropriate, or otherwise interfering with the effective operation of the Event.

Sponsoring Units may add additional requirements for travel which they deem reasonable and necessary for the safety of students, faculty and staff, and for the effective operation of the academic offering(s).

Altering or Cancelling Student Travel

Any College administrator, Appropriate Administrator, or Designated Official for the Student Travel reserves the right to cancel Student Travel for any reason per his/her discretion, including ending a scheduled trip early and requiring the Student(s) to return to the College, if relevant travel conditions change warranting such action. The Appropriate Administrator shall maintain (and in the event that the Appropriate Administrator is participating in the Student Travel, designate another College administrator who is not participating in the Student Travel to maintain) contact information for all participants in the Student Travel in order to facilitate the prompt location and notification of participants should reason arise to cancel the remainder of a trip.

College administrators, Appropriate Administrators, or Designated Officials should consider the following when determining whether to alter or cancel Student Travel:

  1. Safety or security concerns regarding the mode of travel to be used;
  2. Safety or security concerns regarding the intended destination for Student Travel;
  3. Warnings from appropriate local, state, or federal officials or agencies;
  4. Inclement weather or warning regarding inclement weather;
  5. The proposed Event no longer serves the mission of the student organization, group, or the College;
  6. An individual Student or group of Students engages in disruptive behavior that runs afoul of the expected behavior as noted in section III.B.3.(a). Travel Behavior; and
  7. The ability of the Appropriate Administrators or Designated Officials to fulfill his or her responsibilities during the Event and Student Travel changes (e.g., due to the health and welfare of the individual).

Any questions? Contact us at:

For all emergencies, please call TCNJ Campus Police at 609-771-2345