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FSL Forms/Resources


* We have paper copies of the above forms and roster format available in BSC 208 if you prefer to fill out a paper copy.

For a complete listing of the Office of Student Involvement policies, please refer to the Student Life website.

Risk Management Resources

Risk management training takes place every semester in conjunction with the Office of Student Conduct.  To request access to the entire drive of Risk Management Resources, email

Below are some resources specific to Risk Management:

New Member Education & Intake Resources

New member education and intake processes must adhere to all requirements outlined at:  New Member Recruitment & Intake Requirements

If you believe that the actions or activities of a chapter are not congruent with their plan, please contact:

  • The College of New Jersey Police Department at (609) 771-2345 if you are concerned about the immediate health and safety of a student.
  • Office of Student Life at (609) 771-2466 or email us at

For additional leadership resources, feel free to visit/contact the Office of Leadership at or by calling 609-771-2411.