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RSO Support

Office of Student Life staff provide support to student organization leaders and members along their involvement journeys at TCNJ! Check out some of the different meeting opportunities that are available to you to allow you to better identify where your organization may need some added support and attention. Meetings can be held either in person or via Zoom.

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Student Org Goals Meeting

Check-in with a staff member to address specific goals you have as an organization. A goals meeting will allow you to focus on specific areas of change or growth that you wish to see in your organization. To come prepared for this meeting, please have a specific area (or areas) which you want to discuss. This meeting should take approximately 30 minutes. Goals can include any of the following, but can also include any other general areas for goals to be developed:

  • Following RSO processes and policies (re-registration, Student Travel Policy, Fundraising Policy, Food Guidelines, advisor selection/expectations, Posting Policy, etc.)
  • Member recruitment and engagement
  • Navigating organizational changes and group dynamics (developing new initiatives, re-structuring, leadership responsibilities)

RSO Constitution Review/Updates

Your constitution is integral to your organization’s success (even if you don’t realize it)! It’s important to regularly review your constitution to ensure that it is relevant to how your organization functions. To come prepared for this meeting, you should bring a copy of your constitution with areas you want to change easily identifiable. This meeting should take approximately 60 minutes.

Advisor Consultations

All advisors are invited to semesterly advisor meetings via Zoom, but you are also encouraged to schedule time with our staff for brief, informal, “office hours” style conversations. You can ask questions, air grievances, and learn more details regarding a specific area where your RSO needs some extra support. These meetings typically take 20 to 30 minutes.

New Org Support

If your organization has been recognized within the last calendar year and you are finding that you’re having trouble getting the ball rolling with membership, events, processes, etc., you are always encouraged to reach out to us to set up a meeting. To be prepared for this meeting, please come with the areas of focus that you need specific support with. It is recommended that you also have your president and any other necessary members of your executive board present. This type of meeting can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes and will be determined by the staff member meeting with you.