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Student Organizations

Recognized Student Organizations

The College of New Jersey seeks to support and advance all of its recognized student organizations to provide developmental and experiential opportunities for students. These groups benefit from staff advisement, facility usage, funding opportunities, leadership training, educational programming, risk management support, insurance coverage, and engagement with over 230 other recognized student organizations. These recognized organizations that meet their recognition standards offer various opportunities for new members to join throughout the year.

Current privileges of being a Recognized Student Organization include having the ability to:

  • Schedule rooms on campus
  • Have a mailbox for your organization in the Brower Student Center
  • Develop an online presence for your organization by obtaining a school-hosted website and email address
  • Request funds from the Student Finance Board
  • Request approval for posting advertisements from Student Activities & The Brower Student Center

Unrecognized Student Organizations:

Groups that fail to meet recognition expectations or have engaged in activities that violate organizational or College policies have lost recognition from the College. Despite having lost recognition from the College, some unrecognized groups may continue to operate in violation of College directives. These unrecognized groups no longer receive the advice, support, or active oversight of the College. A student organization whose recognition has been revoked but continues to engage in activities violating College directives is sometimes called an “underground” organization or an organization that has “gone underground.”

Involvement with any unrecognized organization can pose a significant risk, and students are strongly advised to avoid engagement with these groups. Individuals who affiliate with unrecognized organizations may be susceptible to participation in activities that violate College policy and should understand that they will be held individually accountable for their actions.

Any questions regarding unrecognized fraternities or sororities can be addressed to the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life at

Any questions regarding unrecognized club sports teams can be addressed to Club Sports in the Office of Recreation at